Discover the Benefits...of natural scents

Nature is a beautiful thing! One of the most powerful senses is scent...for it's olfactory pleasure, and for it's therapeutic benefits – when using pure essential oils. Synthetic fragrances do not have these properties.

Why use artificial fragrances, when you can fully benefit from essential oils? The age-old practice of introducing benefits and treating ailments using essential oils, called aromatherapy, promotes health, harmony and well-being.

What is an essential oil? An essential oil is a 100% natural substance, extracted from the roots, leaves and flowers of a variety of plant specifies.

The essences of plant extracted petals, leaves, stalks, bark, rind, fruits, fruit skins, roots, seeds, and resins contain numerous compounds unique to each plant. There are thousands of known essential oils. Besides their aromatic properties, they also have various pharmacological activities which are extensively used in aromatherapy. Because they are natural, their organic structure is assimilated by the neuro physiologic mechanisms, exerting an aroma-therapeutic action and dispersing beneficial properties into the air and for personal use.